What are the mistakes to avoid in a slot strategy?

    As is the case in so many areas of gambling, while the strategies to be adopted must still be accompanied by a good dose of good luck, limiting errors certainly increases the chances of winning. These largely include mistaken beliefs about how the machines work:

    • I expect to win: Whether you are reeling from a series of bad spins or experiencing a winning streak the chance that your next spin of the reels will bring a cash win is the same, the one established by the RNG (Random Number Generator) and not dependent on the performance of the game at any specific time.
    • It’s ready to pay out: Another widely held common belief is that a particular title is more popular than another among players because it is more generous: instead, the RNG grants the same predetermined chances of winning to all slots, and this argument applies even to those that include a progressive jackpot that “must pay out at some point.” It is true that this will happen, but it is impossible to predict when.
    • The “tricks of the trade” : In the physical VLT rooms along with the first video slots there were numerous “urban legends” about tricks that were possible to adopt, such as giving the machines a tap before a spin to “stimulate” a winning line or holding down for a long time/just barely holding down the spin button. It’s hard to say that they worked back in the day, certainly with modern technology we can say that live or online these “techniques” are pure superstition.

    Tricks that don’t work for online slots

    Tricks that don't work for online slots.

    Anyone familiar with the history and evolution of VLT Italy slots will know that technological progress has radically transformed these machines over the years. This is why slot machine strategies that were once considered valid (rightly or wrongly) certainly cannot be today, as well as being impossible to implement in online casinos

    Spying on other players

    Watching a player intent on playing a slot and replacing him as soon as you realize he has won nothing. This ploy might have worked in the days when slots paid out when they were “full,” but now there are random number generators (RNGs) and this strategy is completely useless and unworkable.


    In the game rooms of the 1980s and 1990s, there were always rumors of schemes and tricks to follow. Today’s slots are made by top-notch programmers and using advanced schemes and technology, so even if these flaws once existed, it is safe to say that they have been completely eliminated today.

    Lucky/unlucky machines

    The RNGs built into live slots are designed precisely to return completely random combinations. You may come across a lucky or unlucky series of spins, but in reality it is all left to mere chance. Consequently, there is no video slot that pays more or less than another, subject of course to the RTP calculations we mentioned earlier.

    Chinese tricks for winning at slots

    Chinese tricks for winning

    By searching the web it is also possible to discover the existence of so-called “Chinese tricks for winning at slots.” These are electromagnetic pulse applications and devices, also known as “slot jammers” that can be found on the web and that are supposed to allow one to influence the electronic system of a machine, busting it up and generating forced winnings.

    Considering that in order to work these items must be used in live slot rooms, it is as necessary as it is obvious to point out that these are completely illegal methods and that those who use them and are caught in the act can end up being criminally charged for fraud and even end up in jail. Is it worth the risk? We believe not, and we warn anyone against using these so-called “Chinese tricks.”

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