Strategies and tactics to win at online casinos

    The first big difference to know is the world of online and live casinos, with that of real and physical casinos.

    If we talk about strategies, casino tricks in general that work and the moves and tactics that can make you win. Better to say increase your chances of getting results or rather decrease your chances of losing. However, we cannot guarantee that they will always work for everyone. They are considerations, they are not scientific methods, we will never tire of telling you.

    Start playing only when you are in optimal psychological and physical conditions, do not do it when you are nervous, angry, or upset for any reason, it must always be kept in mind that it is a game, but a game that involves the use of your money, therefore your experience in any casino must always be handled very carefully.

    This is perhaps one of the most important strategies behind all the others, taking the game as a form of entertainment and not as a source of income. It can in fact make your life much easier, without useless and harmful tensions that could cloud your sight and not allow you to play with the necessary clarity.

    Obviously this remains an indirect strategy, but once you have a point on this essential concept you can proceed to deepen the strategies and actual tactics to win more easily.

    The strategies of the games

    The casino games available are varied: online roulette, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, slots and video slots, craps, poker, live games, Asian games, progressive games, arcade games, etc. for each of them there are at least two, three tricks to win at the casino or even more, and therefore they must be treated separately, as in this article the space to talk about them could never be enough. Consequently we want to discuss the strategies for winning at online casinos that can be applied to the game as a whole.

    For the strategies that concern the different games specifically, we refer you to the various sections of the respective games, within them you will find the different dedicated tactics treated in a very exhaustive way, reserving this section to highlight the importance of some strategies that unfortunately many times do not they are not even considered as such or in any case somewhat neglected.

    This happens because we often forget how important it is to define some game methodologies right away, do not wait to do it once we are “in the running” to try to win our prize.

    Instead, setting goals and in any case adequate methods of behavior to be respected during the game even before starting it, will make you play your hands in a much more conscious and calm way, having fun and at the same time having everything under control.

    Let’s see the first winning strategies that you can apply right now by entering your favorite online casino.

    The bonuses

    The bonuses

    Let’s start with the bonuses. One of the best tactics is represented by the bonuses offered by the casinos; their types are as follows: welcome bonus (see what they are here), no deposit bonuses (here you will find a list), anniversary bonuses, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, annual bonuses, hiroller bonuses, loyalty points or loyalty points, etc.

    When you start playing online, they will welcome you with a welcome bonus, which may or may not be free from one online casino to another. What you need to keep in mind is that the majority of online casino bonuses are associated with a playthrough or wagering requirement; that is, the casino offers you a free bonus, with or without a deposit, but in order to withdraw it, you will have to bet it for an exact number of times.

    The wagering requirement of your bonus is included in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of the respective bonus; online casino bonuses are absolutely free and help you increase the volume of your account.

    An absolutely winning tactic that of bonuses, and a real strength of online casinos, which with this clever system have literally beaten the competition of land-based casinos. In fact, there are no conditions for a real casino to reserve such favorable conditions for its customers, a reason that has generated a real mass migration to web platforms.

    We said winning strategy the release of bonuses for the casino and also for the various users, if in fact on the one hand the casino manages to attract a very large amount of players to itself, induce them to play and retain them over time, on the other the player does he feels safer, here he finds the ideal conditions to be able to gain experience without having to lose money out of his pocket, an aspect that especially those who are beginners cannot help but consider as primary.

    Some players do not wish to receive any bonuses; To be clear, we are talking about deposit bonuses, also known as match bonuses. For them, bonuses are not one of their strategies for winning at the casino, because they don’t feel like trying to reach the wagering requirement, or they can’t, or maybe the PT is very high and therefore impossible to achieve! So sometimes it’s better to let it go and play without bonuses.

    Online casinos without bonuses, a tactic

    And here we tell you: bonuses can also be refused, before depositing at the casino, so as not to find them later in the gaming account; some online casinos credit them automatically, others require bureaucratic steps to be completed (however simple because everything is easier online). If you don’t want them, let their customer support team know (via live chat) before you deposit your money. Or play directly at online casinos with no bonuses.

    BUT ATTENTION: roulette, blackjack like other games, do not contribute to the participation of the PT, so keep your eyes peeled this time and take a look at the contribution table of the games that you will find inside each casino.

    Unfortunately, we have seen several times that this step is completely ignored by the majority of players with little experience, which results in unpleasant misunderstandings between the users and the casino when the latter are faced with a win that they want to withdraw.

    Playing at an online casino is a choice that may be optimal for some, but opting for these portals should not make you believe that there are no precise rules within and that must always be respected, otherwise you will not reach the goal that we set ourselves.

    Not considering this aspect is often a step dictated by haste and greed and desire to play, all players want to get to the heart of the game as soon as possible, but to do it correctly it is worth losing a few minutes to read the appropriate sections.

    Turn the casinos around

    Turn the casinos around

    We also have another strategy to win, which however requires some time and perhaps even some determination: some players deposit their money in a casino, reach the wagering requirement, collect their winnings and pay the respective sum to another casino.

    They get a new bonus, for free, this time bigger, because the money is more, they play it, they manage to complete the playthrough again, they withdraw their winnings again and pay them to a third online casino, they request a bonus again bigger than before. They play it, fulfill the wagering requirement required by the casino, collect their winnings and repeat the same operations in a fourth online casino and so on.

    Check out the best casinos selected by, let’s not say all of them, but to get started sign up for two or three of them, cash in some winnings and change again. Each player has their own method of winning and sometimes it is so good that you win thousands of euros, but this does not happen often. Instead, what often happens is to win little, but what little you have to be good at cashing it and setting it aside as a win, first in one and then in another casino.

    Instead, rather recurrent and absolutely wrong behavior, as well as penalizing, is to fixate on a particular casino, or worse still on a specific game and try to break it at all costs, even when the evening is bad.

    Here this is the worst that can be done, trying to win by force in fact, not only can make you waste a lot of time in vain, but it could even worsen the fate of the already unprofitable evening.

    This happens in particular to those who mistakenly think that since that game is so much that it does not pay, it will soon have to do it by force, this is not how it works unfortunately, the results of the various games are independent from each other, the systems of generations of numbers are tested and checked constantly to ensure that this happens.

    Even if the evening “throws it well” learns to be satisfied, do not try to overdo it, get to a point and stop, change your game, take it, look around, or better still do not play anymore for at least a month, your luck needs to be recharged.

    Bankroll management

    Another category of players deposit in online casinos and claim their bonus, because they know it increases their chances of winning. The wagering requirements are not always high and a patient player can achieve it if he knows how to manage his bankroll well and does not lose everything before he can complete it. Strategies have nothing to do with it, in this case, it is simply a matter of account management. Perhaps one of the most important strategies for winning at the casino, with or without bonuses. Also read an interesting strategy for managing money at slot machines.

    In fact, this is not considered as a real strategy, but it can very well be considered as such, as managing your game account is not easy, especially if you are at the beginning, you will often find yourself having to make decisions that go against yours. emotionality of the moment, as bankroll management must be taken care of at the beginning when you are much more rational, rather than doing it late in the day.

    If you think about it, your gaming account in the end is all your games will revolve around, if you run out of money you will have to stop playing, so it is quite obvious that very particular and meticulous attention will be paid to this.

    The casino games made available to achieve the playthrough range from online roulette to slot machines, from poker to video poker or blackjack, etc. depending on the online casino where you are playing.

    Another important tactic to win at the casino, always related to account management, is knowing when to stop or at least think twice. If you have already won 5,000 euros in a single day you can also withdraw them once you have completed the wagering requirement, or you can go ahead and multiply them, at your own risk. The decision is yours.

    Learn how to collect your winnings

    This is not a strategy, a trick, a way of doing it, but it is an objective question that you must take into consideration, the player who makes the difference is the one who is able to exit the game at the right time and therefore knows how to optimize the winnings.

    On the other hand, you have to know how to accept losses because they exist, but managing your bankroll and optimizing them, in the sense of reducing them to a minimum, will help you for your overall balance.

    For more clarification on the tricks and tactics to win at the casino, we recommend you visit the games section on Casino2k, analyzing the strategies of the game you are interested in.

    Knowing how to be satisfied is not something for everyone, but it is what makes the difference between the professional player and the amateur, many of these are overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment and if this is understandable from a human point of view, it is not. in terms of profit.

    This is not to say that to gamble one must be cynical and cold, without any emotion, but calm, lucid and determined to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

    We are convinced that we must play primarily for fun, but at the same time those who gamble also do it to be able to win, once we have obtained the win we should therefore detach ourselves from the game for a moment and reflect, without being overwhelmed by the feelings of euphoria. that such an event can provoke.

    Only in this way could we continue to play and have fun with conscience and without encountering behaviors that in a moment can suddenly cancel what has been good up to that moment and turn into gambling addiction.

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