Some Of The Highest Bets Ever Placed

    Every day, all around the world, in all kinds of sports, from football to horse racing to casinos, bets are placed, stakes are raised, and money gets won. Some players bet their spare change, while others bet hundreds of thousands. However, you can place casino bets for just a fraction of these amounts at PlayAmo.

    Some players are so certain in their decision that they are willing to risk their lives! This article lists some of the largest bets; some won, and others lost.

    The Phantom Gambler

    William Lee Bergstrom was commonly known as “The Suitcase Man” or “The Phantom Gambler,” and he was a gambler and high roller credited with placing the largest bet in casino gambling history at the time of $777,000 (which is equivalent to $2.56 million in present-day dollars) at the Horseshoe Casino, which he won.

    The Tottenham Fan

    This Tottenham fan wanted to impress his girlfriend at the Manchester vs. Tottenham football game, so he put his whole mortgage on Tottenham. It was all good when Tottenham was doing well until the game took an unexpected turn, leading to Manchester winning and this misfortunate fan losing his house and his rather unsympathetic girlfriend.

    The Illegal Asian Betting Syndicates

    In the late 19th century, many football matches had blackouts. Many people concluded that it might have had something to do with illegal betting, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any proof to back up that conclusion. Asian Betting Syndicates paid 75 million dollars to turn off the floodlights during football games; however, they lost.

    The Greek Waiter

    A broke waiter, Archie Karas, borrowed ten thousand dollars. He won 17 million dollars at Binion’s Horseshoe in Las Vegas after beating the fifteen best poker players at that time, hitting great numbers in craps. Archie was on a winning streak, and he would even play his luck out by betting a hundred thousand dollars on a single dice roll. Archie was eventually banned from all casinos as his insane luck was bad news to them.

    The Midwestern Business Owner

    Unlike Archie, Terrance Watanabe was popular in 2007 for his losing streak. He spent the total money pulling every marker possible at Harrah’s properties. It took him twenty years to build and inherit a sum equal to 127 million dollars. Terrence was desperate to regain his hard-earned money, he even tried to regain it through a lawsuit, but he was unsuccessful.

    The Furniture Store Owner

    A furniture store owner, Mattress Mack, said he would give out free furniture to people interested if his baseball team, the Astros, won the 2019 world series.

    Mattress Mack had absolute faith in the Astros. Yet, when the world series came, the Astros were completely defeated by the Washington Nationals, and the furniture store owner no longer had any furniture.

    The man who never came back

    Captain Matthew Webb was known as the first person to swim the English Channel. With time, Captain Matthew Webb became desperate for money. So he decided to swim across the Whirlpool, below one of the largest waterfalls, Niagara Falls, for ten thousand dollars. Unfortunately, he never returned. Everyone was amazed by Captain Matthew Webbs’ bravery. This was the classic case of betting with your life on the line.

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