Sports betting – How can I win?

    Sports betting – how can I win and do it as permanently as possible? These questions are asked by thousands of betting fans day in and day out. However, the majority of sports betting fans have not yet found a satisfactory answer to this question. This becomes clear in the red payments on the betting account. Most of the time, it doesn’t go up at the desired pace, but down at an alarmingly fast rate.

    “Sports betting – how can I win” – tips

    In the following guide, we want to answer the question “Sports betting – how can I win” in a little more detail. However, one point should be put directly in front: It is practically impossible for customers to really make every betting slip a success. Sport lives from its surprises. It is impossible to predict all results 100 percent correctly. Sports betting means – winning and losing. The goal should be to end up on the winning track in the long run. For this purpose, our tips should serve as a basis.

    Start with a serious bankroll

    Before starting, set a serious bankroll. The word comes from the financial sector and means nothing else than starting capital. Be very honest with yourself at this point. Include in the bankroll only money that you do not need in the next few months to pay important bills (rent, insurance, living expenses). Think of your family and always leave yourself a financial cushion. Only the surplus amounts form your starting capital.

    You can only win with sports betting if you act without pressure. If you need the winnings to finance your life, it will end in disaster. Do not make the cardinal mistake – never borrow money to bet with the bookmaker, neither from the bank nor from friends or acquaintances.

    Turn off your greed

    Turn off your

    As a beginner, you are often carried away by luck. Especially among the inexperienced newcomers it can be observed that the proverbial beginner’s luck strikes very often. However, do not think that you can already act as a sports betting professional at this point. Be happy and take your winnings with you. Do not become greedy and do not try to achieve even greater profits with higher amounts. We can already predict the end of the story: your profits will vanish into thin air in no time.

    Avoid rage bets

    You are on the winning track and are looking forward to your winnings? The match is already in injury time and your bet is right? But in the last seconds your opponent strikes and your money goes to the eternal hunting grounds. Your anger or frustration is of course understandable. But avoid placing new bets immediately to make up for the loss. Hold back and wait for the next day. Then start a calm, objective and new betting analysis. We recommend to bet only once a day to avoid rage bets in the first place.

    Defensive Money Management

    Choose the right stakes for the bets. Be fundamentally defensive. The rule of thumb is that your betting amount should be between three and five percent of your total balance. For more professional players, the ten-point scale is recommended, in which the encounters are classified according to risk.

    As a general rule, you should lower your betting amounts as your bankroll decreases. Try to compensate the minus “step-by-step” with smaller bets. If you are on the road to success, you can minimally increase the risk, but we generally consider it better to take profits.

    Solo tips make more sense in the long run

    Solo tips

    If possible, place only single bets, even if the combinations promise the higher profit in the first moment. In the long run, you will end up on the winning track with the solos.

    The betting professionals generally only play single bets. In Asia, for example, where betting passion is much higher, there are no combined bets on offer at all. A match is much easier to analyze than a complete series of bets. If you absolutely want to combine several events on one betting slip, you should switch to system bets.

    Live bets are “cool”, but…

    The live bets provide the highest adrenaline and excitement. Many customers use the real-time odds to push their own sports pleasure. But the fact is, the live bets do not belong in a long-term sports betting strategy. The betting decisions have to be made within a few seconds. A real betting analysis is not possible. This often leads to mistakes. Furthermore, it should be noted that the live odds are usually significantly below the pre-match range.

    Best betting odds and / or without tax

    Profitable sports betting is only possible if you permanently bet on the best betting odds. Before you place a bet, compare the offers of several providers. Even if the differences seem imaginary at first, over the year the differences add up very quickly to several hundred euros. At the same time, try to bet tax-free, if possible.

    There are still very good bookmakers that pay the German betting tax out of their own pockets. A good example of this is Bet3000 – here there are no taxes or fees at all!

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