Small stake, big win: with bets on the winner’s street

    Winning is fun. Even more fun is winning not only fame and glory, but money. If you didn’t make it as a professional kicker, you can still make money from soccer by trying sports betting. If you follow a few basic tips, know a bit about the game and have the necessary luck, you can really make money. Like 23 bettors in England, for example, who bet at odds of 5,000 to 1 with British bookmakers before the start of the 2015/2016 season that Leicester City would become English champions. The fact that Leicester actually achieved this miracle cost the bettors 7.7 million British pounds (almost ten million euros). For a stake of just 2 pounds, 20-year-old Karishma Kapoor was paid an incredible 10,000 pounds.

    By the way, bookmakers from the motherland of soccer do not only offer soccer betting.  In the UK, you can bet on all possible and impossible events. For example, you would have had the same odds if you had bet that Nessie would appear in Loch Ness, that the hottest day of the year would fall on Christmas, or that a woman would become a coach in the Premier League. By the way, according to the odds, bettors considered it much more likely that the Pope would play for Glasgow Rangers (4,000:1) or that Elvis would live (2,000:1).

    On the other side of the island, people prefer to bet on sporting events – soccer bets are particularly popular. Here, too, you can quickly win several thousand euros with a small stake. The uncrowned soccer betting king is a Greek who predicted the outcome (victory, draw or defeat) of 16 soccer matches from all over the world. A stake of 170 euros thus became 435,587.75 euros. The winning tactic of the Hellenic: He lined up 16 bets with relatively low odds (i.e. high probability of winning). Portals such as help provide an overview of all current providers and betting odds, as well as daily tips and tricks.

    World champion winning odds for Germany’s 7:1 against Brazil

    World champion

    In 2016, a German bet on the exact outcome of the semi-final match between Germany and Brazil. The bettor himself probably least expected the German team to actually beat Brazil by a sensationally high 7:1, which turned his bet of 18.70 euros into a profit of 46,380 euros. A German sports bettor wagered a relatively stingy €2.47 on the outcome of six qualifying matches for the European Football Championship in 2015 and was right on the money. By multiplying the relatively high individual odds, his winnings added up to €28,333.59.

    A particular attraction of soccer betting is that most games in major leagues and international competitions can now be watched live and followed – often right up to the last minute. For example, a few years ago a tipster had placed a risky combined bet on eleven Champions League matches. One of the eleven games was decided only in the 90 minute in favor of the bettor, who should be pleased about 25,085 euro profit. And that’s with a stake of 19.90 euros.

    Many betting providers present hit lists of the most successful tips

    On the websites of many sports betting providers, current bets with the highest winnings are presented as a small motivational aid. At bet-at-home, for example, the record profit from a sports bet stands at 130,000 euros (with a stake of eight euros). At mybet, the results of its own “betting kings” are mentioned, who have achieved the greatest profit with a very small stake. With only 0.95 euros stake, a profit of almost 2000 euros was recently realized.

    At the German bookmaker Tipico, the five best betting slips of the last few weeks are presented in order of winning amount, whereby many successes are achieved here with live bets – here the participant enters the betting business during the game. This shows the public that it is possible to make a considerable profit even with just one euro stake. But of course it is far from being the rule. Nowhere is there any talk of the mass of lost sports bets.

    Who wants to improve its profit prospects with soccer bets, should better make up the dream of quickly earned giant amounts in five figures and choose a strategy of small steps. If you want to be successful in the long run, it is best to bet only on combinations of a maximum of three games or single bets. It is quite helpful to carefully select the games on which you bet and to be somewhat familiar with the matter.

    Better in several small steps to a bigger profit

    small steps to a bigger profit

    It is important not to be too greedy for big money when betting. It is better to keep your feet on the ground and stick to combining only a few games in one bet. If you win, you can then increase the stake on the next bet, for example, so that even if you go bust, you still have something left over from your last win. On unlikely outcomes or a chain of games, you should bet only small amounts that you can easily get over.

    Unlike blackjack or other casino games with clearly distributed, predictable probabilities, sophisticated mathematical systems have no place in soccer betting. If you believe that you simply have to double your bet the next time you lose, as in roulette, in order to be sure of winning, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Because soccer in particular lives from surprises – unfortunately, you don’t know which ones beforehand.

    By the way, most betting providers have daily and weekly limits for winnings that may not be exceeded and paid out. The maximum profit differs significantly from provider to provider. Interwetten, bwin, Tipico and bet-at-home, for example, allow a maximum weekly profit of 100,000 euros. mybet, on the other hand, sets the limit at 50,000 euros.

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